Smoking crack in a gay bar - this is what Willie Tanner aka Max Wright was doing when he was last seen in public. Being excited about those bitter abysses of humanity, Kate and the guys take a look beyond the perfidious surface of smugness. In short: that's why the rockband from Nuremberg bears the name of WILLIE TANNER. But beware, what you will hear from this band is far from the unsophisticated image of ALF's terrestrial father. Even more, ALF better backs up because WILLIE TANNER finally spread their C64 Porno Metal on their brandnew CD and reach out for the world domination. Be rocked or get mocked.

Vocalist Kate and the four guys Markus, Niko, Sergio, and Andi derive from three different bands and started their musical ambitions just for the fun of it. But the timid flirt soon turned into a serious relationship and eventually bred an offspring - for your CD Player.

Juicy guitar sounds, tight drums, and rough vocals which are in no way inferior to those of the big girls of the rock business - get all this on CD at your local record store. "How to be a complete Bastard" is the name of the album you can easily place next to your favorite Metal CDs of your staple. But pay attention to the bastard: he might devour your cat.

WILLIE TANNER is like the V6 motor of a Ford Taunus: precise, slighty tenacious initially but loud and fast at the end. But most of all: keen enough to push the motor to its limits. This band sounds so homogeneous and harmonic as if the band members had been seperated after birth. Attending a show of these highspeed Rock'n'Rollers is just like a fast forwarded, splendid relationship: satisfying, hysteric, emotional, and soaking wet. Pity that rock shows are just a limited relationship.. That's why you can get the album now. This is even better than photographs of your ex-girlfriend or your one night stand's slips she left in a hurry.


New Album coming out! 03.04.2009

January 14th, 2009 + 7:01 AM  ·  WillieTanner

Check out new Album "How to be a complete bastrad" on www.myspace.com/willietannerrocks

How to be a complete bast

January 16th, 2009 + 9:01 PM  ·  WillieTanner

from tne new album "How to be a complete bastard" coming out 03.04.2008 in germany

Icecream Wars

January 16th, 2009 + 9:01 PM  ·  WillieTanner

from the new album"How to be a complete bastard"

Home Sweet Homeless

January 14th, 2009 + 7:01 AM  ·  WillieTanner

from the new album" How to be a complete bastard"
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